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Is Flavored Coffee Bad for You?

March 10, 2010

How is Coffee Flavored?

100% Chemical Solvent Free (CSF) Flavoring

What is Chemical Solvent Free (CSF) flavoring?

The coffee industry has been offering flavored coffees for years and has used chemical solvents to make flavors. The main ingredient used in flavoring is Propylene Glycol (PG). Propylene Glycol is the carrier that holds the flavor together.  When flavors are development for coffee, the amount of (PG) is between 90 and 99% of the flavor. The amount of flavor used is only 1 to 10% of the total liquid.

In 2006 the European Union ruled that the legal limit of (PG) can not exceed .01% in any product manufactured in Europe. The coffee industry in the US still uses (PG) as the main ingredient.

Wouldn’t you rather enjoy a pure taste of coffee flavor?  We developed Chemical Solvent Free (CSF) flavoring process as a natural way to flavor coffee. In our process, we found a way to infuse the flavor directly into the coffee, thus eliminating the need for Chemical Solvent (PG) found in other flavored coffees. This new proprietary process guarantees you a much smoother taste of flavor in your cup. Today consumers are searching for healthier and more natural options. We know you will appreciate our revolutionary flavoring system.

When you purchase our coffee you will know that you are drinking (CSF) because our coffee will have the (CSF)  label on it. With the (CSF) label you are guaranteed to receive Chemical Solvent Free Flavoring.

How To Flavor Coffee

How Do You Flavor Coffee with (CSF)?

We have developed a process to be able to offer our customers a healthier way to drink flavored coffee.  The process is top secret infusion process, but can assure you no chemical solvents are being used.  You can tell just by tasting the coffee.  When you drink flavored coffees you might notice an after-taste, this is the presents of Propylene Glycol (PG).  You will notice our flavored coffees have no after-taste and no PG.

Our  Flavor Shot Flavoring is made with 100% Chemical Solvent Free (CSF) Flavoring. Now you can enjoy Flavoring A Pot of coffee with Flavor Shot Flavoring.

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